DVD rom drive

Computerized adaptable circle read just memory (DVD-ROM) is a perused just advanced flexible plate (DVD) usually utilized for putting away enormous programming applications. It is like a conservative circle read just memory (CD-ROM) however has a bigger limit. A DVD-ROM stores around 4.38 GB of information. A CD-ROM normally stores 650 MB of information. 1

A read-just DVD plate used to for all time store information documents. DVD-ROM plates are generally used to disseminate huge programming applications that surpass the limit of a CD-ROM circle. DVD-ROM circles are perused in DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives in PCs, yet regularly not in DVD drives associated with TVs and home theater frameworks. Be that as it may, most DVD-ROM drives will play DVD film circles.



  • Property Notes
  • Kind of storage Optical
  • Information access Direct get to
  • Cost of storage DVDs cost more per byte of capacity than hard circles, attractive tapes or glimmer memory. They are more affordable than CDs per byte of capacity.
  • Capacity 4.7 (single layer) to 9 Gigabytes (twofold layer)
  • Speed Slower than a hard circle or blaze memory, quicker than attractive tape


Genuinely convenient. Too huge to even think about fitting into a pocket, yet will effectively fit inside a pack. Can be conveyed between home/school/office.


  • Handily scratched by general mileage or by not securing it in a plastic case. Scratches on the plate surface can harm the information being put away
  • Should be shielded from limits of warmth.
  • Has a predetermined number of read/compose cycles.
  • Unwavering quality


  • As programming applications have developed ever bigger, information stockpiling limit has gotten progressively essential to PC clients. The CD-ROM drive has delighted in a long and innovative profession in the course of the last four or five years, however the greatest 748Mb of capacity limit is currently something of an impairment, with specific suites and applications going ahead different instead of single CD-ROMs.
  • As a result, clients are beginning to search for choices. DVD circles bolster limits of either 4.7Gb or 8.5Gb relying upon whether they are single or twofold layered, and DVD drives are completely in reverse good with different sorts of media, which implies they can likewise peruse standard CD, CD-R, CD-RW and sound CD design plates.
  • Thus, as opposed to due to their mixed media abilities, DVD-ROM drives have begun to be introduced as standard parts in various new PCs. Merchants have, as a result, pre-empted programming designers’ aims to exploit the new media, while additionally holding the capacity to peruse the a large number of programming titles which are as of now accessible on CD-ROM. You don’t have to go out and purchase the most recent Pentium II determination to get hold of the most recent DVD-ROM drives, in any case, since a lot of appropriate redesign parts are accessible on the immediate market. While information limit is standard, there are various contrasts in different determinations, so imminent buyers ought to know about how these influence both the presentation of the drive and its capacity.

specification on amazon

  • Dvdrw (R DL)/DVD-RAM
  • 24x (CD)/8x (DVD) read speed
  • 24x (CD)/8x (DVDR)/6x (DVDR DL) compose speed

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